A new way to save

Saving money was once a boring, heavy task for most of us. With Dreams – the new way to save and invest – putting money aside finally makes sense. By figuring out how the human mind and heart tick, Dreams helps you put your money on what matters. Your dreams.

Like nothing before

The world needed something more than another bank service. So we created Dreams – a unique behavior-based method inspiring people to put money away for a specific dream. And it works, with 83% of our users now saving more than ever before.

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A people-friendly solution

By basing our method on what inspires – not frightens – people, we created a brand-new way to save, designed after human behavior. We figured that by hitting that positive place where dreams are kept, we could empower people to achieve their dreams. We were right. After only two years on the market, Dreams helps over 450,000 reach their goals and save on average €140 more per month than they did before.


Turning dreamers into achievers

We believe that dreams are the most important things we have – our most valuable assets. Those we share and those we keep to ourselves. But most of us still don't invest our time and money in making them come true. With Dreams, those days are done.

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Our goals

Financial literacy

Putting savings in human terms. By empowering you to take control over your finances, you become more informed, aware, and motivated to save – and 73% enjoy an increased sense of well-being.

Power to the people

Handing financial control to the individual. We design savings after human behavior, not institutional equations. You – and your dreams – that’s what matters.

Individual and inclusive

Overriding the one-size-fits-all savings options. With a wide range of ways to save, Dreams is tailored to suit different needs and requirements – so that you can find your way to save.

Fun and simple

Taking the boring out of personal finances. Incentives, triggers, and straight-talking design language makes our platform incredibly fun and easy to use... and to love.

We're developers, financial experts, cognitive scientists, designers, lawyers, and community managers. Together we help people put aside the money they need to reach their dreams.

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Join our team

Our Dreams team consists of around 50 talented magic-makers from 14 different countries, all coming together to help dreams come true. If shifting the conventional way of viewing money and savings strikes a chord in you, get in touch. We work from Stockholm and Oslo.


"Simplicity is genius"

This app is the only way I can acctually save money. And it is funny way to do that :)
gungungas, App Store


Brilliant is the only word needed to describe my experience!
Fmingus, App Store

Save more!

Love to have full control over my money, to have clear goals and throw some money here and there. The perfect way for effortless savings!
SJ-commuter, App Store

Fun and easy to save!

Super easy to save without noticing it! I was skeptical before I tested it out but now I'm completely convinced! Have saved to several things I did not think I could accomplish earlier! Safe and simple!
Sofia LA, App Store