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Create a dream.

Your dream is your savings goal and can be anything.

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Match different ways of saving with how you behave.

Define your dream.

We need dreams to define who we are and where we are going. First step is to create a dream, think of how much you need to save and when you wish to reach the dream. Get inspired by our users who reached their dreams.

Savings connected to how people behave.

We shouldn't change who we are to be able to save for what we want. Match your behaviour with our automatic or manual ways to save. Save by just being yourself.

We have savehacks for all behaviours.

Whether you are organised, absent-minded or a fitness freak - there is a savehack for you.

Invest in your long term dreams.

Invest in what actually matters to you. Your dream. Dreams makes it fun and easier than ever to invest - try for yourself!

Dream together. Save together.

Create a group dream and save with your friends. Save for a trip this summer, tickets to a concert or towards your wedding with your loved one.

We are as safe as any bank, but simpler.

We have leading security systems and your money is safely secured by Ã…landsbanken with deposit guarantee.

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