We believe that everyone can save money.

Our scientists are working on new ways for you to reach your goals. Here are a few examples.

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Define your dream

Most things are easier when we’ve got the right motivation. Savings too. With a clear goal and a dream you want to achieve, it’s easy to resist the impulses that tell you to spend money instead of saving it. When you focus on your dream, saving becomes meaningful and the emotional parts of your brain can work together with the rational ones.

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Save 20 kr a day for 1 year.

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Save 20 kr a day for 10 year.

Every bit helps

Create your dream, set a sum and a date for when you want to achieve it. We’ll automatically calculate how much you need to save each day or week to reach the dream on time. To most of us saving ten thousand sounds hard, while 27 sek every day seems doable. That’s because breaking a big goal down into smaller bits makes it clear to see how small changes in your daily life might have a big impact in the long run. Likewise, it’s easier to save small sums often, than big ones far apart.

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Save together

If you’ve ever gone to work while under the weather, or tagged along to the gym even though you just wanted to watch Netflix, you know that peer pressure and social belonging is one of our most powerful driving forces. We don’t want to let our friends down and we want to be just as good as our colleagues. You can take advantage of the same mechanisms when saving with Dreams by inviting friends and family to save together in group dreams towards things you want to do as a group. You’ll inspire and motivate each other to reach the goal, which makes savings easier and more engaging.

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Instant rewards

Our brain loves instant rewards. Like the kick of a piece of chocolate, or reaching the next level in a game. In fact, the brain is so dependant on rewards that it often overlooks bigger rewards in the future, in favour of smaller things right now. That makes savings hard, as it’s all about delaying short term rewards to get something better later. That’s why the Dreams app is designed to give you small rewards while you save, so you don’t have to rely on the kick of buying that thing.

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Savings created for your behaviour

Most of us don’t like saving. That’s why we made it easy for you to save without thinking about it. Turn on a trigger that saves a few SEK here and there without you noticing, or have a recurring transfer every week. Dreams has different ways of saving, catered for different types of people. But all of them make it easy to save. You'll be positively surprised at the end of the month when your savings increased without even noticing it. Every little bit helps...

Science and product design.

We belive in integrating knowledge from science into our product design process. So much that we have two behavioral scientist working closely with our design team.

Our scientists

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    Elin Helander

    fil. kand in phsycology and master in cogintive neuroscience.

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    Stina Söderqvist

    Phd in cognitive neuro scienece. fil. kand in phsycology.


Moneymind is an independent initiative aiming to increase the knowledge of how behaviour and finances correlate. We conduct and publish surveys, raise awareness about behavioural economics and collaborate with scientists around the world.

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Awesome app!

I´ve always been useless at saving. But now its become like a sport, and Im stoked to save money all the time!
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We saved together

Our group of friends needed to get away, so we went to KPH. And no one said that they couldn’t go because we'd all saved together.
usergroup photo Johan, Jonas, Elias, Johanna och Adrian