Dreams Institute

The Dreams Institute (previously Moneymind) is a research institute specializing in behavioral finance, with the aim of promoting financial wellbeing.

Our goal is to empower people to live happier, healthier lives by helping them understand – and successfully manage – their personal finances.

We carry out research with a network of world-renowned scientists and academics, publish reports, and single-mindedly pursue topics in the field of behavioral economics.

We focus on behavioral economics because we understand that finances are about more than just money. Habits, decisions, and behavior are all key factors that impact our economic situation. To truly build financial wellbeing for all, it’s high time we start talking about money in a way that makes sense to our brains and aligns with our actual behavior.

“We’ve turned the Dreams platform into a test-bed for scientists to run scientific studies on how we can help people save more money.”

Elin Helander, CEO & Founder Dreams Institute.
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