Dreams Institute

Dreams institute, previously Moneymind is a research institute specializing in behavioral finance, aiming to promote financial wellbeing.

Dreams Institute is changing the way the world saves. We are a non-profit organization carrying out research together with a world-renowned network of scientists and academics. We publish reports, and single-mindedly pursue topics in the field of behavioral economics.

Everything we do is done with the same goal: empowering people to live happier, healthier lives by helping them understand – and successfully manage – their personal finances. We focus on the field of behavioral economics since we understand that finances is more than just money. Habits, decisions, and behavior are key factors impacting our economic situation. To truly build financial wellbeing for all, it’s high time we start talking money in a way that makes sense to our brains and aligns with our actual behavior.

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Our scientists

"Simplicity is genius"

This app is the only way I can acctually save money. And it is funny way to do that :)
gungungas, App Store


Brilliant is the only word needed to describe my experience!
Fmingus, App Store

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Love to have full control over my money, to have clear goals and throw some money here and there. The perfect way for effortless savings!
SJ-commuter, App Store

Fun and easy to save!

Super easy to save without noticing it! I was skeptical before I tested it out but now I'm completely convinced! Have saved to several things I did not think I could accomplish earlier! Safe and simple!
Sofia LA, App Store